Tony Lee, Jr.
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Design is [ ... ]

Design is [ ... ] is a speaker series hosted by Google about the role of design in the future. Co-founded by Google Brand Studio and Design Relations, the series features thought leaders in diverse fields, each exploring a different theme within design. What does it mean for design to be culturally responsive? Is design inherently ethical? How has science fiction inspired real-world interfaces? What is human-centered machine learning?

Inspired by the ways in which speakers express their own interpretations, the identity combines a foundational grid and expressive typography — drawn from specific attributes of each month's theme.

In the Bay Area? The talks are free and open to everyone. Explore past talks and RSVP for upcoming ones here.

Team: Google Brand Studio
Program & Creative Leads: Kai Haley, Sarah Wilson
Art Direction, Design & Typography: Tony Lee, Jr.
Motion Design: Brien Hopkins
Producer: Nicole Rejwan