Tony Lee, Jr.
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Gauguin: Metamorphoses

Gauguin: Metamorphoses was a 2014 MoMA exhibition of Paul Gauguin’s rare and experimental prints. Considered one of the great art masters, Gauguin is most widely known for his idyllic paintings of Tahiti, where he spent the last years of his life in the late 1800s. However, he was also a prolific and pretty radical printmaker, experimenting while in Tahiti on a mix of woodblocks, transfer drawings, and other innovative works on paper. The pieces are atmospheric and haunting, with incredibly rich textures and a darkly “primitive” look and feel.

To illustrate some of Gauguin’s unusual ways of working, we proposed and developed interactive displays in the galleries that broke down his processes step-by-step.

Creative Direction: Mike Abbink, H.Y. Ingrid Chou
Art Direction: H.Y. Ingrid Chou
Interactive Art Direction: Greg Hathaway
Design: Tony Lee, Jr.
Production Artists: Paulette Giguere, Tom Black
Programming: Chip Medema
Animation: James Bartley
Photos: Martin Seck